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Computer Vision

AD tech

Revenue generation from various types of media including video impressions, social media, OTT/CTV as well as display and digital out-of-home.

Automatic number-plate recognition, object-recognition, people counting, facial recognition, data-labeling for images and video.

Emerging InsureTech platforms, mobile wallets, digital payments, cross-border remittance systems, as well as two-sided markets matching capital suppliers and companies or executing the back office transactions.

Simple microcontrollers networks to tiny edge devices like RaspberryPi or Arduino systems to distributed networks of heavier edge devices like Intel NUCs controlling simple sensor like flowmeters, to small-appliance networks to medical devices.

OSS/BSS systems to mobile-device lockdown systems, eSIM and other mobile components, mobile/telecom billing systems.

EHR systems, back-end administrative systems to data pipelines for clinical systems, laboratory management systems, drug discovery pipelines, HIPAA-compliant repositories and medical-grade encryption systems.

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